November 13, 2013

Android - To Root or Not to Root - That is the Question

Most Android buyers after purchasing their device start to read about the different things they can do with it. That is others than the seller took the time to explain. So now we come to rooting. Is is recommended or should one leave the device the way it is?

The answer to the question above is not easy. The main fact is it depends on the Android device owner. What expectations he/she has from it. Are there any special needs that need teking care of. And one other thing is that rooting requires some expertise. Depending on the device and trying to do it at home can turn your new device into nothing more than a paperweight.

There are more advantages to rooting than to leaving the device the way the manufacturer intended. For US owners free tethering is a major reason for rooting. Then as the device gets "old" one rooted user does not need to retire it. There are plenty of options for making the device run faster and installing custom - newer version of the OS. And these are just very few reasons for rooting. You can bring your device to a whole new level and more.

There are plenty of root apps on the Play Store. Most can add features to your Android device others would pay for. So I am for rooting. But try leave it in the hands of someone with some expertise. Or if you decide to do it at home at lease take a while and read about it very carefully. If your device is so new that no root options are available yet don't worry. There will soon be as the developers are constantly working on new ways to do it. Good Luck!

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