November 30, 2013

Gadget Shop Advizers - Experts or Not

There are not many of us that are really good at tech stuff, or into this kind of business. In any case most rely on the seller/s and advisers when coming to buy a gadget, say a smartphone or tablet for instance. That is why the first thing we do upon entering a gadget shop is ask for advice. But is that advice a good one...

  1. It is good to know that most re-sellers - from the big and important brands to the local store - train their employees. That is not only to attract clients and sell the gadgets but also offers support. Here what you have to remember is that some of them are only concerned on selling items. So the answer to your question regarding a product would be definitely - "Yes" or "Right" or "Perfect choice". 
  2. But not all of them are like that. Others simply lack the knowledge. In fact that is the most common issue. While there is the other kind of "specialised" sellers for a certain brand/product. 
  3. Last - and I say that unfortunately - are those that really do want to help and really possess the knowledge to do it. 

So how do you know which is which? Well we are definitely interested only in getting the right help from the right person. That right person should be the one that pays attention to your needs. I mean really listens and most importantly understands. Then it comes to the choice and here, a good adviser talks about more then one product. And then highlights not only their advantages but also their disadvantages. And that without baffling with tech terms you don't really understand.

There is no such thing as the Perfect Device - a thing we've covered before. But with help you can choose the one that suits you best and overcomes the disadvantages. One last advice! Carrier shop - advisers are not interested in selling a good device. Their interest is in making you sign a contract for a high rate as possible. There the chances to find a good gadget help - adviser are very slim. It's all logic. You just have to choose wisely!

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