November 16, 2013

Choice for Smartphones - Intel or ARM?

Intel has really invested a lot into developing their own hardware for the mobile OSs - including Android and Windows 8 / RT. As far as ARM goes they are really evolving at a very fast rate and will go 64bit by next year.

For now the number one choice for Android users is ARM. Be it Cortex A5 - A7 - A8 - A9 or the fastest A15 the ARM based platform is even integrated in Google's Chromebooks. And that is because ARM benefits from years of experience with this kind of chips and have really optimised energy usage over time.Plus they work with the best components in terms of RAM, flash memory and more.
It's not that Intel does not manufacturer great components for smartphones - CPU wise. The problem is that few developers are willing to support the intel architecture the right way. And with that in mind the manufacturers are also reluctant when it comes to integrating Intel hardware into their device. Having tested one Atom Dual Core based smartphone I can tell you the experience was not that great. Some apps failed to run and I noticed lags even on the homescreen.

So far the Intel based devices you can get are:

  • Acer Liquid C1                       
  • ASUS FonePad*
  • Casper VIA A6108*
  • Etisalat E-20*
  • Lenovo K900
  • Motorola RAZR I
  • Prestigio MultiPhone 5430
  • Safaricom Yolo

Bottom line for Windows 8 / RT - Windows 8.1 and Notebooks Intel CPUs are great, especially the newest that offer increased battery performance. As far as Android goes - ARM is still the best choice. It does not matter tat Intel's CPUs are very fast ()and they are). In the end is the software that matters. And right now Android is working in ARM's favor.

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