November 06, 2013

Can Ubuntu Touch Really Become a Threat to Android

Android has become the favorite mobile OS for over 55% of the users. And that because it offers some advantages: cheap devices of all sizes, all kinds of brands, and even devices that you can simply connect to your TV. Now the question is what would make Ubuntu stand out?

Android has really improved its design since version 2.3 Gingerbread. The latest (and barely released) KitKat looks great and according to those that had the chance to test it it functions flawlessly.The Android OS also includes the standard Google apps (GMail, Google+ etc.) that have also been greatly improved over time. And Google also offers frequent updates to its OS, apps and offers Nexus devices at more than competitive prices. Add to that the fact that the Play Store offers all the content anyone would need and the question is what would another mobile OS stand out. 

Ubuntu - like Android - is a Linux based system that has also evolved and gained popularity over time. It looks great and more and more users have begun to prefer it instead of Windows or install it alongside it. It offers its own App Store with plenty of options and is very easy to use. As for the mobile OS - well that is still in its early stages of development and for now can be tested only on devices such as the Galaxy Nexus or Nexus 4. Interface wise it is great. Easy to use, intuitive, fast and more. What the developers are counting on is that the multi-core devices today can run the fully fledged Linux desktop apps. That would mean the the developers will at most have to adapt their apps a fact that does not require much investment.

So which of the two has more chances to win the user interest over time. Well Android has a considerable advantage over Ubuntu. But there is another way which some manufacturers have already announced. We are talking about future devices dual-booting Ubuntu and Android. That and the fact that booting into Ubuntu and connecting it through an MHL cable to a TV can offer you a full desktop experience makes it really interesting. For now, let us see how Ubuntu Touch evolves.   

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