November 13, 2013

Why There is No Such Thing as the PERFECT Smartphone!

When going to buy a device the word Perfect comes in mind be it from a personal point of view or in general. But there is no such thing as the perfect device. And that for reasons you may not even have thought of. Here are some of them.

In my opinion a perfect smartphone should have a big but not too big 1080p screen (4.5 - 4.7 inches would do) of AMOLED type. It should be made out of tough materials like aluminium or very strong polycarbonate. Should have aboul 64 GB internal storage and a very fast chipset (Snapdragon 800) with 3 GB of RAM. Audio Quality is a must for me so a good DAC should also be included. And camera wise it should have OSIS (Optical image stabilisation) and a xenon flash. One last thing - software wise I prefer stock Android and the latest updates, along with the possibility to unlock and root my device very easy.

So what I am looking for is a combination between HTC, Samsung and Nokia. HTC for the build quality and sound - has a DAC amplifier built in. Samsung for the AMOLED - Super AMOLED screen - the one on the Note 3 is superb. And Nokia for the camera - Xenon flash and Carl Zeiss optics. So why can't anyone make such a device.

The reason for us having to choose one advantage over another is marketing. Samsung would not supply their screens to HTC being their advantage. Coming back to samsung, if they made their devices sound great and integrated great cameras with xenon flash and good optics why would the customers buy their dedicated devices for that? Or if Sony made their Smartphones sound superb who would buy a dedicated MP3 from them other than for reasons of size. HTC is the only one that has nothing to lose because it does not sell other devices. That is why they try to integrate greate cameras, screens, audio quality and more. And with the HTC One they realy got so close. Too bad it does not have an AMOLED screen. But hey, that is just my opinion. What do you guys think? Have you found the perfect device?

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